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As I wander about, mainly in NOLA, signs creep into the photos. This got me to "collect" photos with signs in one gallery. There's about 100 photos and growing so be sure to get a cold beverage if you want to do the slideshow - click on the upper right corner.

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Huh?Saints Win SuperbowlThe Wishing Well WorkedGreat HamburgersOne block down our streetOne block up our streetNow condos, used to all be one residenceCampaign Gone ByPap's Before RedoPap's Before RedoPap's After RedoFlora Savage's DoorDr Mike'sPurveyors of Music from 1890's to 1930'sCroissant d'Or D-Day WindowWaiting impatiently for their reopeningQuarter Master (where Ruby ran away to)Framing Gallery Entry on BourbonWWL-TVOur Lady of Guadalupe Chapel