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These are photos from my two "chapbooks" of French Quarter Scenes. They are all in other galleries too. The books are in 5"x8" pocketbook format and white paper. These photos may be cropped a little differently from the books. They can be bought from Blurb at:
http://blur.by/1ghDnzE vol2
http://blur.by/1r0QxG3 vol1

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Cover vol. 1 Double Rainbow Jackson Square 2010Fern and Iron 2003Catch Me a Bubble 2003Second Line Banjo 2008Green Door Courtyard 2011Lucullus Courtyard 2011Yellow Umbrella 2007Stella Shouts Back  2010Home of the Original Obituary Cocktail 2011Cheeky Photo Shoot 2010Royal Pharmacy 2008Gallier House Cistern 2011Jeanne d'Arc 2009Looking Down Chartres 2009BOOM! 2008Tuba Reflections 2008Bourbon Street Stompers Washboard 2008Second Line Flags 2010Grand Marshall Jennifer Jones 2010Grand Marshall Chef Andrew Leduff 2008