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I visited the Painted Church on Big Island Hawaii in 2003,2008,2015. This collection has a few photos from each year. In 2015 I did a more thorough job of showing the interior and its walls covered with paintings. The pictures and decorations are painted directly on the wooden walls.

From their website: "The murals were painted by Father John Velge between 1899 and 1904. The church website describes it " On the one side was a boiling, painted hell precisely such as Villon's mother saw, and on the other panels were Cain killing Abel, St Francis receiving the Stigmata, and Christ rejecting the Devil. Above our heads was a long Gothic vault, built of wood and defining the nave of the church. Six columns supported it, and where these wooden posts joined the vault a breathtaking trick of naive painter-craft made them burst into huge majestic palm leaves outlined against a pale sky. Most astonishing of all was the wall behind the altar, which the painter's untrained inventiveness had transformed into the apse of a vast cathedral; piers and arches went on and on, with true Gothic majesty, to end in a burst of light. "

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